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The new Quaddro scissor jack and accesories will be launched at the FORD Ranger Odyssey Race starting on 8 September 2014  
The new Quaddro website will be launched after the official FORD Ranger Odyssey launch.
  Quaddro Technologies (PTY) Ltd , South Africa, was established in 2007 as the holding company to control the World Wide Marketing of the Quaddro Products through our appointed Wholesale Agents/Distributors. The Quaddro Products are manufactured to ISO 9000 standards and our products are fully guarenteed under specific warranties. Quaddro Technologies (PTY) Ltd continues to develop and research its products and will periodically launch new, and improved products, for the 4x4 Vehicle Off-Road and other Industries.

The Quaddro Products has been developed over several years of extensive testing, and has been tested to meet the latest International Product Safety Standards applicable to these products. Our products are tested to meet existing 4x4 Vehicle Off-Road user's requirements.

The Quaddro products are developed in-house and through appointed product development and leading global manufacturing companies - SKEG BPR Rico Equipment INVESTMECH GEROTEK

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